Factory Built Tygan Replica

There are several different companies that make recreations of the iconic Porsche 356, but Tygan was known to be the best. Custom ordered, and factory built in 2008 this convertible is finished in an iconic Porsche Silver and is complemented by a stunning navy leather interior and top.
With such low mileage, the highly polished exterior is still in pristine condition, as well as the canvas convertible top and included all the relevant Porsche badges just like an original!
Inside the cockpit, the leather seats and dash are the perfect contrast, and the wood steering wheel only adds to the character of this car, Wind up windows and modern seats complete the luxury feel.
When you step around the back of the car, pop the bonnet and you’ll see the immaculate engine bay that houses the 1285 twin port VW engine, tuned with twin carbs.

Underneath you will find front disc brakes and the all important IRS (Independent rear suspension) giving you confidence on the road.

This 356 is nothing but fun and its at home either cruising around town or on the freeway! Shifts are crisp, braking is quick, and the car rides smooth and tight at all speeds.
Ideal for those summer trips out were pleased to offer this car for sale for £24750